His Pace, My Pace- Chapter 2-Deprivation

They had managed to get the rest of their clothes off the night before when going for a slow burning round two. Zoro had licked Sanji clean- everywhere- nipping and sucking in various places, and left his pale skin polka-dotted with kiss marks that were still in the process of fading. He made love to Sanji slowly after that, refusing to pick up the languid pace he had set, even when Sanji had begged him to. Only after both men were milked completely dry did they collapse in a heap and pass out on the floor in each other’s arms.

The prior night’s shenanigans left them exhausted and wholly unprepared for the morning sun beaming through the balcony’s glass doors into their faces. They lay on the floor in a tangled pile of limbs, Sanji’s left leg hiked up and wrapped around Zoro’s waist, his right threaded between Zoro’s thighs. Zoro had an arm wrapped around Sanji’s neck, angled up to cradle his head, with the other tucked under his husband’s arm which was, in turn, curled around his broad chest.

Zoro was the first to flutter his eyes open, groaning and glaring in the direction of the sun as if it would dim just for him. He lifted his head, turning it a bit, to look down at the snoozing Sanji draped across his body and the corner of his mouth turned up almost imperceptibly.

Zoro shifted under Sanji’s weight, thinking he’d pick him up and carry him to bed. Sanji also shifted, stretching his arms up to either side of Zoro’s neck, grumbling about not going anywhere. The movement caused their lower halves to rub against each other, and made Zoro keenly aware of his morning wood. He let his head drop back to the hardwood floor and hissed with pleasure. His calloused hands moved, ran across smooth milky skin, kneading fleshy mounds when he reached their peaks. He sucked in a breath as he let his fingers glide into the valley, then with the index of his left hand, he traced the ridges and folds of the pucker in the center. His cock throbbed when he felt Sanji’s anus contract under the light pressure. ‘Oi, get a hold of yourself! He’s tired. Let him sleep peacefully,’ he chastised himself and slid his hands away reluctantly, seeking safer places to rest.

Sanji grabbed hold of the elbow of Zoro’s left arm and traced along the length of it until he caught the errant hand in his own and dragged it back to its previous position. Keeping his face buried between Zoro’s chest and his other arm, Sanji guided his lover’s hand, pressing Zoro’s fingers with his own against his hungry hole. He circled his hips, trying to work the group of fingers in all at once, causing Zoro to release a low moan that ended in an exaggerated faux sob. Sanji was the world’s biggest tease, making Zoro the world’s most gullible man. “You little shit. You did this on purpose,” Zoro accused. The bass filled voice vibrated under Sanji’s chest, sending shivers down his spine.

“You had all night to recharge, and you did whatever you wanted last night too!” Sanji argued back without changing positions. “It’s my turn,” he finished in a huff, still grinding in small circles.

Zoro rolled his eyes and stated, “Everything I did was for you. Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy yourself.” Sanji, incensed, pushed himself off of Zoro at that and stormed off to their room without another word.

Zoro scrambled to his feet, calling after him, exasperation in his voice, “Hey! You curly brow! Don’t be mad. I didn’t mean it like that…” He trailed into the room to find Sanji flopping himself face down on the bed in temper tantrum mode.

He scrubbed his face with both hands, noting that he needed to shave the bit of stubble speckling his jaw, before laying gently on top of Sanji, aligning their bodies, and taking one hand into each of his own. Dipping his face into the crook of Sanji’s neck, he kissed the skin there and brushed the rim of his ear with his nose. “I’m sorry, alright? What do you want to do? I’ll hear you out.”

Sanji turned his face to the side and Zoro leaned over to look at him. Sanji narrowed his eyes and Zoro laughed. “What’s that look for now? I said I’ll give you what you want.” He massaged Sanji’s hands as he waited for a response. ‘So soft…’ he thought.

Zoro loved the contrast between Sanji’s appearance and the actual feel of him. Despite his near constant scowl and lean toned body, he was soft and smooth to the touch. His demeanor was different when it was just the two of them as well. Sanji was well known to be an asshole and a lascivious flirt, but at home he was… well, still an asshole. But he had this charming neediness to him that made him almost adorable to his ruffian husband. And he rarely took the reins in the bedroom, opting to give in to Zoro’s lusty fits when they arose.

“…you want?” Sanji’s lips moved but Zoro, lost in his musings about his beloved, didn’t hear a thing. After a moment of Zoro staring at Sanji’s face with that stupid smirk, Sanji snapped, “Marimo! I thought you were listening?”

Zoro blinked. “Hah? What’d you say? I can’t understand you when your mouth’s full.”

Sanji looked at him blankly before speaking slowly, confused, “My mouth isn’t f-” Zoro snaked over Sanji’s body to kiss him, covering his entire mouth, shoving his tongue inside. Sanji automatically kissed back, eyes closing, breathing deepening into the rhythm. Then he caught himself and turned to push Zoro off. “No!”

Zoro backed off, sliding into the empty space on the bed holding his hands up in surrender. His face was painted in confusion, though he still had that devilish smirk playing at the corners of his mouth.

Sanji turned over on his back and sighed. “This. You don’t even give me a chance! For once, I want to be the one asking what you want.” He interlaced his fingers behind his head and looked over at a stunned Zoro.

Zoro had never noticed it before. It didn’t cross his mind that maybe Sanji just went with the flow because he was caught in a riptide. His face turned serious, as he sat up straight on the bed, looking down at Sanji. “Ask me again.”

Sanji raised an eyebrow but said nothing. “Ask me again!” Zoro gruffed. Sanji looked around the room for a moment before replying, “Okay. Zoro. What is it that you want?” He locked eyes with his husband, looking expectant.

Zoro closed his eyes and took a deep breath and let it out slowly, the same as he often did when mediating. “I… want to devour you!” His serious demeanor melted into a broad smile before breaking into laughter. “You should already know that’s what I want. I live to eat. You live to cook. I live to eat my cook.” He said, matter-of-factly. He leaned forward with his hands on his bowed thighs. “What did you expect?” His tone was mocking, joking. It irritated Sanji even further. “Can’t you be serious, please? Don’t you have, I don’t know, a fantasy… maybe?”

“A fantasy, huh? Hmm…” Zoro furrowed his brow as if he were deep in thought before declaring, “Nope. My fantasy is my reality.” He leaned forward to try and steal a kiss from Sanji, but his face met an open palm that shoved him off to the side.

Sanji had enough of Zoro’s games. “You know what? I’m not going to ask you anymore then. I WILL do what I want.” Sanji had a good idea of the something that Zoro really did want that he wasn’t mentioning. Maybe Sanji figuring it out was part of the fun for Zoro? He’d be sure to find out later as he put his plan into action.

Zoro wasn’t sure why, but Sanji’s words sent a tingle down his spine.

Sanji hopped up off the bed, keeping watch of Zoro, ensuring that his eyes followed him. He walked over to the wardrobe, opened the doors, and crouched down. Then reaching inside he turned a hidden key which caused the bottom front to pop out a bit. He looked over his shoulder. Zoro was still watching him like a hawk. He smiled inwardly but kept his face neutral. Opening the hidden compartment, Sanji pulled out a shoebox then sauntered back over to the bed.

As he opened the lid, he could feel his marimo breathing down his neck trying to get a peek. Sanji shot him a dirty look and snatched the box away from his line of sight. A moment later, after rummaging a bit, he was putting the box down on the floor while holding two objects in his other hand. He glanced at Zoro then looked away.

‘Oh God, this is so embarrassing! It’s all for the plan. The plan!’ He spurred himself on, face burning. He took his prized possession- a hand blown clear glass anal plug- and held it up for Zoro to see. The plug had three graduating globes on its stem, the last of them quite large in diameter. It was elegant and seamless. “Open your mouth,” Sanji commanded. Zoro stared at Sanji incredulously.

Sanji scooted further onto the bed, until he was kneeling right in front of Zoro, arched over him, and he planted his free hand next to his head. He dropped the second item on the bed and brought the anal plug to Zoro’s lips. Sanji repeated himself, punctuating his statement by tapping the toy on his pout.”Open. Your. Mouth.” Zoro flicked his eyes away from the toy and up to Sanji’s and slightly parted his lips.

Sanji took a breath before shoving the toy into the small opening, parting his husband’s jaws wide. “Mind your teeth. Treat this like an extension of me. If you scratch it there’ll be hell to pay.” Sanji’s voice started to sound more steady and confident- cocky- like he did when they weren’t home. Zoro complied, wrapping his lips around his teeth to protect the smooth glass surface. Sanji leaned in close to Zoro’s ear and whispered, “if at any time you want me to stop…” then tapped his thigh in a specific rhythm. “Like this, okay?” Zoro nodded in understanding.

Sanji’s expression darkened immediately after, slipping back into character. He grabbed a handful of green and tugged backward until Zoro’s chin pointed toward the ceiling, and then thrust the toy into his mouth up to the second nodule. Smirking at the way Zoro tensed up and shut his eyes, Sanji used a finger placed at the bottom of the base to whirl the toy around in his mouth. “I need you to clean this up for me, get it nice and wet,” Sanji commanded. “Here. Do it yourself,” He lifted one of Zoro’s hands and placed it on the toy, nudging them together so he got the hint. His husband obliged him and took hold of the toy, slowly licking and sucking on it, just as if it were Sanji himself.

The chef’s groin tightened at the sight and he sat back on his heels as he watched Zoro slobber all over his toy. Then slowly he retrieved the second object and flipped the cap open. He laid down on the bed and spread his legs wide. Up-ending the small bottle, he hissed then sighed at the feel of the lubricant as it went immediately from cold to warm on his skin. Sanji drizzled a generous amount on the head of his member and let the excess drip down toward the base. He glanced up at Zoro, to find him touching himself with one hand while still eagerly fucking his own mouth with the plug. His eyes were glazed over with lust while watching Sanji.

Sanji used a foot to knock Zoro’s hand away from his throbbing cock. “I didn’t tell you to touch that. You’re just another of my toys, and toys don’t play with themselves.” He studied Zoro’s eyes for a reaction, not sure if he was stepping out of bounds. Surprisingly, Zoro complied, instead grabbing hold of the bed sheets and twisting them around his fist as he pressed the toy further back into his throat, all the while staring at Sanji.

Sanji, who was barely keeping it together, watched his lover in awe- hoping his face showed something more like amusement. He focused on himself instead, slipping his fingers loosely around his shaft and sliding up and down a couple of times before sliding lower, following the trail of lube that flowed past the base of his cock down to his asshole. He smeared the excess lube around and across his opening, and dipped a finger in, testing his own tightness. The digit slipped in with no resistance and caused Sanji to arch his back, moaning and shuddering at receiving the contact he’d been craving all morning- even if it was from himself. He removed his finger and grouped two more fingers slicked with lube together and re-entered his cavity, this time more slowly, allowing the three long fingers to be sucked in. He moaned louder this time and angled his hips up to reach deeper, licking his lips and partly closing his eyes as they slid over to peek at Zoro again. He’d never really tried to be seductive before, so he hoped it was working.

Zoro’s face was flushed, eyes soft and glazed as they took in the sight of his gift. When Sanji widened his legs and inserted three fingers into himself Zoro was sure he’d cum right then and there. He’d never seen this side of his husband before. Sure, he was always hot and Zoro found most anything he did sexy- especially when he was cooking- but this… Sanji’s ordinarily pale skin was pink tinged from head to toe, with his cheeks a more vibrant shade than the rest. A sheen of sweat had begun to cover his body, and strands of his bangs clung to his forehead, while the rest of his hair fanned out like a halo around his head. His eyes were slits and his mouth hung slightly open, alternating between gasping for air and moaning. His legs were spread wide, putting everything on display, and for the first time, Zoro was seeing exactly how Sanji handled himself when he wasn’t in the mix.

Sanji felt his orgasm starting to build up and decided it was time to finish phase one of his plan. “Get over here.” He growled, and waited for Zoro to shift out of his stiff position and lean down to get closer. He reached up to Zoro’s face and caressed the side of his jaw and then lightly tapped it with his open palm. “Did I say to stop what you were doing?” Taken aback, Zoro stammered “M-my bad…” eyes dropping low and started moving the hand with the glass toy again, slipping it in and out of his mouth slowly.

The little love tap sent a twinge of pleasure straight through both of them, though neither acknowledged it at the time, both a bit nervous about the implications.

Sanji gave an exasperated tsk and slipped his fingers free so he could reach up and grasp the end of the toy like a syringe, then began quickly thrusting it in and out of Zoro’s mouth. “Watch your teeth!” he warned again when he heard them clink against the glass. Zoro hummed in affirmation, eyes clenched shut, face reddening as he struggled to take a breath through the punishment. He could smell Sanji’s scent on his fingers and it made his mouth water.

Not knowing why drool suddenly started pouring from Zoro’s mouth, dripping onto his chest, Sanji teased, “Oh? Like it that much huh? We’ll be sure to do it more often then.” He slipped the toy out of his lovers mouth and swiped the tip of it across Zoro’s lips to collect the saliva that was still collected there. He wanted to pull him down into a kiss so bad, but that was not on the menu at the moment.

He slowly moved his arms back down below, making sure that Zoro’s eyes were still tracking his movements. Then, using the fingers of one hand he spread his opening further than his wide open legs already had and placed the bulbous tip of the plug there. Sanji pushed the first globe in, inhaling sharply at the fresh sensation. He moved the end of the toy in small circles, causing the opposite end to move in turn. Gasping and raising his hips as he worked his hole, Sanji captured Zoro’s eyes with his own when they next swept upward. He bit his lip and hummed as he eased the second globe in with slightly more difficulty. When his sphincter found it was over the apex, the toy was sucked up quickly to the bottom of that second nodule and Sanji whimpered as discomfort quickly turned to a contentedly full pleasure. He tapped the edge of the base with his short manicured nails, sending vibrations through it that shook him to his core. The second globe was where he lived. He’d never even attempted to get the third inside because he’d always finish right here.

Zoro’s eyes were burning with desire now. He reached for Sanji’s cock and leaned in for a kiss.

Sanji noted the look on Zoro’s face, expectant and wildly turned on. He was drawing his face closer and Sanji had a decision to make. Would he try to carry on his act a little further or give in to his Moss-head’s passion?

The contractions in his nether region made the decision for him. He wanted to put on a spectacular show and try something he hadn’t before, but he didn’t have long to do so before he would blow his load. So he pushed against the bottom of the base again, this time needing all 4 fingers to give enough force to progress further. His hand was trembling as he began to stretch further than ever before, even larger than Zoro’s hefty cock opened him up. Sweat beaded up and rolled down his face now and he panted like a dog, mouth hanging open, tongue occasionally licking his parched lips.

All the while he stared at Zoro’s face, which had stopped it’s decent when he began the task of trying to insert the third and final globe. His hand had frozen too, and hovered near but was not touching his cock. Sanji’s eyes rolled back as he neared the apex and let out a sharp open mouthed gasp. “Kiss me!” he harshly whispered, and Zoro’s mouth, mere inches from his, came crashing down in a frantic melding of lips and teeth and tongue. Sanji fumbled around, grabbing for Zoro’s hand and placed it on his throbbing dick. He arched into the calloused palm and with a final effort, forced the third massive globe of the toy past its apex, which stretched and burned the rim of his opening so much he felt he would tear, and pressed it fully into his body, then down to the base and let his hand fall away, keening into Zoro’s mouth.

Zoro never got to move his hand before semen came shooting out with great force, hitting him in the face and painting Sanji’s neck and chest with the almost clear, slippery fluid. The smaller man convulsed, eyes rolled back, breathing erratic. He tried to grasp the base to pull the toy out but his hand was too slick and could not provide enough traction to pull from that angle.

“Pull it out,” He ordered, voice just barely above a whisper. And then “Pull it out!” he yelled. Zoro wrapped his brawny fingers around the base and looked at Sanji’s face to read it as he moved. He pulled back slowly, at a downward angle. Sanji bit his lip again, this time so hard it started to bleed. As the widest portion of the toy arrived again, Sanji wailed. His cock spit out more fluids as the other nodules grazed his prostate. “Ahhh…aaaAAaahh…aahhnNNGghh…” and the worst of it was over. Zoro, noticing that Sanji had physically relaxed, took the moment to peek over to the other side and look at the base end of the toy still partially inserted into his husband.

His eyebrows raised in awe and appreciation of the view. The reddish-pink hues of his insides were visible, something Zoro never saw before but found incredibly hot for some reason. He tapped on the base, giving Sanji a jolt, and saw his walls contract around the toy and nearly pissed himself with excitement. He tugged on the toy a bit and the rest of it slipped out with ease, coaxing the remainder of Sanji’s cum out as well.

Sanji was not appreciative of the liberties Zoro took while removing his toy-turned-torture-device. Once the toy was out, Sanji did his best to muster up a smile and drawled, “Aw, look. I’ve gone and got all messy again,” then grabbed Zoro by the hair and dragged him down to his abdomen, where a pool of cum collected near his navel. “Be a dear would you and…hmm hmm…” He shoved his face into the puddle and trembled when he felt that thick, wide tongue lapping at his skin so obediently. He pushed his head down further, slow enough to allow Zoro to leave a trail of kisses and licks but fast enough that he couldn’t linger. And when Zoro tried to put his mouth around Sanji’s still semi-erect member, he lifted his head by the hair and tapped his cheek again. “Bad dogs don’t get bones. Just use your tongue as a washcloth and get my ass cleaned up.” Then pushed him back down, forcing Zoro’s face into the space between his legs. He took one leg and, in a show of flexibility, raised it up to place his heel on Zoro’s shoulder. “Lick it,” demanded Sanji, referring to his swollen, wrecked anus. “Lick it like the dog you are,” he murmured and he used Zoro’s shoulder to lift himself higher while mashing the man’s face between his ass cheeks. He tossed his head back as the soft warmth of Zoro’s tongue touched his rim and melted. Zoro hummed as he tasted the inflamed skin, the scent of copper mingling with the usual sweetness of Sanji’s skin.

After a couple of minutes, Sanji lowered his leg and pulled Zoro’s face up to his. “Are you enjoying this?” His voice was back to cautionary, wondering if he’d done well so far. In response Zoro asked, “Can I kiss you again,” he paused and looked away. “Please?”

Sanji beamed, happily stating, “I’ll allow it! For now… We need a break.”

Zoro chuckled as he closed in on his husbands lips. “Mm, A break, huh? What’s next?” He threw his leg over Sanji’s waist so that he was straddling him and ground his own still throbbing erection against the lithe body below him.

Sanji traced circles on Zoro’s back as he draped his arms over his shoulders. “A shower?”

“A shower?”

“A shower. We’re filthy.” Sanji confirmed.

“Okay. Then let’s go take a shower…” Zoro couldn’t hide his disappointment. But Sanji had plans. He laughed triumphantly in his head, ‘Phase One, Complete!’

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