About the Bad Luck Gang

What This Site Is:

This site started off merely as a place to host the manga “My Bad Luck”, written and illustrated by me, Kos Nkarnate. Given the nature of the content, I really didn’t want to risk censure and I wanted a place that wouldn’t be laden with ads and things that had nothing to do with what I wanted to share with my readers.

Over time, that vision of a tiny corner to call my own grew more and more into what it is -still- becoming this UNIVERSE that encompasses my art, my characters, and my followers. I’m so happy I get to share that with you and that you want to be a part of it.

That is why the site is becoming more interactive, complete with forums, member profiles, and a community chat! Of course I’ll join you in chatting about art, writing, BL/yaoi, and especially the Bad Luck Gang. Sub plots and side stories, head canons, fan theories… I would love to hear them all! You’ll gain insight and perspective on the members of the BLG that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, and best of all- roleplaying~!!

I mean, *ahem* if /they/ have time, I’m sure if you ask nicely, they’re sure to have a casual chat with you for a while. They do each have their own email addresses and Facebook pages, which will be listed here and on their profiles.

I refer to all of my characters collectively as The Bad Luck Gang, and I suppose members of this site are a part of the gang too! 😉

So, What IS the Bad Luck Gang About?

The Bad Luck Gang is the collective of all of the characters and all of their stories, plots, subplots, and the Universe the Bad Luck Gang exists in. Therefore it is far too expansive to pinpoint what the Band Luck Gang is about. However, ‘My Bad Luck’ is where I decided to start the narrative, because Yuuri and Bahn winked into existence first, about 10 years ago, in 2007. (although they looked a bit different back then xD )

In ‘My Bad Luck’ Yuuri and Bahn are bounty hunters that find themselves in unexpectedly bad situations constantly. They’re fighting their way through them together, as best friends, something more than friends even, but definitely not lovers. They grew up together, they’re growing up together, man… they’ve got some growing up to do. From the orphanage to adulthood, and now these freak powers show up! And then there’s their friends-They made some very interesting friends along the way… They are all integral parts of the plot (and offer plenty of that good ol’ fan service!)

While I did center the story around Yuuri and Bahn, the other characters do have their own side stories and subplots! In fact, one other character is the MOST important character in the series. He most likely will have his own manga eventually. Buuut he’s far too spoil-y so you’ll just have to wait for more on that later. hehehehehehehehehehehe

Do you have prints/keychains/buttons/boyfriends/kitchen sinks for sale?

Eventually, there will be prints for sale, as well as other merchandise that you can enjoy. Anything I don’t have you can request! For now, check out the prints available on my Deviant Art page.

For specific information about each of the characters, and about the Bad Luck Universe, check under Bad Luck Gang Content.

Feedback is always welcome, so feel free to tell me what you think by leaving a comment or sending me an email. Follow my other social media accounts by clicking the buttons below! Thanks for your support. ♡
And as always, Thanks for reading!

The boys say look them up on Facebook too!

Bahn Goghan : goghanislyfe@gmail.com      snap: xxxbig.bad
Yuuri Romanov: mystyuurifrostbite@gmail.com      snap: mysterfrosty
Nizam Romanov: imjustnizam@gmail.com      snap: imjust_nizam
Kira Akagane: showmethekane@gmail.com      snap: akaganexkane

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