About Sex, Gender, and Race

More Than Human

As we begin, it is important to note that the universe of the Bad Luck Gang has magic, advanced sciences, and otherworldly beings- gods, goddesses, and demi-gods.

There are a definite number of gods and goddesses. Demi-gods, however, are numerous. Gods and goddesses of this world CAN and do perish, though not by mortal means. When they perish, a demi-god takes their place via a process called respawning.

Gods are male, goddess are female. There is no exception to this; there is no in-between. They have extremely long life spans [typically 300-500 years from the time of respawning]. They cannot reproduce to create gods and goddesses, only demi-gods.

Demi-gods are born with both sets of genitalia and reproductive organs. They remain largely under-developed, even well into puberty, due to their bodies supporting dual systems. Thus, sex organs often do not fully blossom during this time either.

Demi-gods can reproduce with humans, though it does not happen often, due to the extremely low success rate of fertilization between the two different species [about 3%]. When they do reproduce, there is a 10% chance that the child will be born with both sets of organs. That child will not be a demi-god, however- they are called demi-humans.

Puberty Is Hard

The puberty cycle of a demi-god is very important to their development. When it begins, they start to release pheromones. These pheromones attract male and female partner alike. Around the same time, the demi-god will begin to exhibit a preference for one sex over another, as well as begin to present as the opposing sex, with their bodies absorbing the unnecessary organs, allowing their sex to blossom. This becomes more evident the more they interact. The pheromone release is to encourage that. They are thrown into a ‘heat’ when their pheromones have attracted someone and that person begins to interact with them sexually. The ‘heat’ will cause more pheromones to be released, and they are highly concentrated in bodily fluids. This is to ensure successful copulation.

Intercourse is imperative to the development of demi-gods during their pubescent years, which can go on for as many as 30 years. Once they have completely absorbed one set of organs, solidifying their sex, they become a god or goddess in waiting. It is usually at this time that they decide to seek out monasteries as they seek to remove themselves from their attachments to the physical plane in preparation for their respawning.

Whaddaya Mean You’re Pregnant?!

Demi-gods are not considered male or female until they have become gods/goddesses in waiting, but can present as one or the other outwardly. They’d still have both sets of parts though. As such, a ‘male presenting’ demi-god CAN be impregnated, up until his female organs have been completely absorbed. This is not likely to happen because if he’s male presenting, he’s likely been selecting female partners. But if he decides to switch, for example, it is possible.

Humans born of demi-gods with both sets of organs are susceptible to the same folly. The main differences between them are that demi-humans produce much lower amounts of pheromone- though, still far more than a normal human- and they will NEVER lose either set of organs. So a male presenting/identifying demi-human will always have the risk of getting pregnant. They can deliver vaginally, though, due to the same organ constraints as mentioned before, they often opt for cesareans as the safer choice. There are surgeries for them to remove and cosmetically change their bodies to appear a singular sex.

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