His Pace, My Pace



Sanji poured his vin du jour  into the pan and proceeded to carefully tilt it upward until its contents were set aflame. He took a long drag of his cigarette, held by his other hand, and checked the clock. ‘He’s a little late, but I figured he would be.’ It was 10:15pm, 2 hours and 15 minutes past Zoro’s end of shift.

Zoro always made it home late on Saturdays. It wasn’t really because of work, though he used it as an excuse. The bar had late night staff for the weekends, so Zoro could be home by 9pm, or maybe 9:30pm if he wanted. But he always stayed behind, in the back room, messing around with his brew. Not that it wasn’t a fine whiskey, but Sanji hated that he’d ever taught him how to make it. Zoro had become a man obsessed! By the time he made it home, it was always around midnight and Sanji would already be in bed, though not sleeping. Simply waiting.

Sanji continued cooking, humming happily despite his boyfriends tardiness. It was a special occasion, and he planned to have dinner hot and ready for Zoro’s arrival. Sitting down for a meal together was a rarity because of their schedules as it was, so he had been looking forward to this for a while.

After transferring the contents of the pan to the plates he had set aside, Sanji lit another cigarette before turning off the stove. He braced his arms against the counter on either side of the stove, enjoying the fresh hit of nicotine before preparing the rest of the meal. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, smiling when his nostrils filled with the intermingling scents of his kitchen, his cigarette, and… whiskey? He sniffed the air a few more times, now sure that he could smell his husband’s cologne and the stench of whiskey that often emanated from his pores. His eyes shot open when a pair of soft lips brushed the back of his neck as strong arms wrapped him into a crushing hug.

“Zoro! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” the startled chef sputtered. “Can it, curly-brows. I just want to hold you right now.” Zoro sounded agitated but managed to keep his voice low and calm as he nuzzled into the hair resting on Sanji’s shoulder. His grip on the smaller man did not loosen and Sanji’s ribs started to ache. “Zoro, could you let go a bit, my sides hurt, and I can barely breathe.” Sanji ordinarily would have smartly retorted at the earlier comment, but he realized something was bothering Zoro and wouldn’t deny him the closeness he apparently needed right now. “Do you want to tell me what happened?”

Zoro loosed his bear hug and began speaking, his voice vibrating in Sanji’s ear. “I was bottling up the latest batch of whiskey tonight. It came out really great this time. The guys at the bar love it.” Not sure where this was going, Sanji interjected, “that doesn’t sound like a reason to be upset.” Exasperated, Zoro said mockingly “shut up!” then continued, “So, anyway, the guys love it. We decided to do a round of shots for everyone to celebrate and promote it. After that I started getting ready to leave because I had planned to get home on time today.” Sanji glanced up at his husband but said nothing. “But when the guys asked why I was leaving so early,  I thought one more shot couldn’t hurt. And one shot led to three, and before you know it, I drank a whole 5th myself.” Sanji glanced at the clock. 10:23. “You’re still home pretty early, for you,” he noted. Zoro tilted Sanji’s head back and brushed his bangs aside, then gently placed a kiss on his forehead.

“That’s just it. It’s early for me. But it’s still late to you isn’t it?” Zoro said guiltily. Sanji looked back down at the stove then swept his eyes over to the plates he’d set out. “I was prepared for you to be later. I haven’t even finished the sides or garnish.”

“That doesn’t answer the question.”

“You didn’t really answer my question either. Having a few drinks and coming home late on the weekend is totally normal. It’s your pace, isn’t it? Why’s it a big deal now?”

“Because it’s our anniversary!” Zoro barked. “Is my ill behavior so normal to you that even on this special day, you are unfazed?”

Sanji tensed up, unsure how to respond. Zoro pressed on, “While I was there drinking, I was busy running my mouth about how I have the best husband. He cooks and cleans for me. Makes sure I get to work on time. Never nags me about being late. Sure we argue about nit-picky stuff, but what couple doesn’t. But I told them how much I love you, and how great it is to be the man by your side. And then it hit me. That I was there, drinking with them, talking about you on our anniversary, while you were here, alone.”

Sanji felt his feeling stir, and the sting of tears welling in his eyes. “Listen, you dirty bastard! Of course I’m fazed! Of course I care! Most nights I wait up for you are nothing, but I really was wondering if you would show up in time to still have a warm dinner with me tonight. It’s been 3 years since we’ve been together, and this is our first wedding anniversary. Any wife would have been upset. But I’m your husband. Right?! So why bitch about it? You’re home now. You love me. Yeah? So quit whining already! Because I love you too.”

Sanji reached up to bring his lovers face in for a kiss, but Zoro was already bending down to meet his lips. Remnants of whiskey and tobacco mixed betwixt their tongues as they wordlessly agreed that all was well between them.


The timer Sanji set for the oven went off and he attempted to break the kiss so he could removed its contents. “Zoro,” he said, breathing a bit ragged, “let me get this out of the oven. Otherwise it’ll be ruined.” Zoro looked at Sanji with lusty eyes and crushed his lips against Sanji’s again, wanting to take all of him in, not wanting to waste another second of their special day.

Sanji turned his head to break the kiss. “Alright already moss-head! Let me finish cooking!” he exclaimed, annoyed, but happy to feel so loved. Zoro frowned and grumbled, “what else do you have to do?” Then, eyeing the plates, “looks like plenty to me.”

Sanji rolled his eye and said, “just let me remove this from the oven at least.” He reached to grab the oven mitts and realized he had wasted almost his entire cigarette. He took one last pull, nearly down to the filter and Zoro snatched it away from his lips. “Oi, were you smoking while cooking our food again?” He gripped Sanji’s ass and squeezed it, letting his fingers settle at the divide. He tossed the cigarette butt into the sink and muttered, “that’s fucking gross, you shitty cook.” Sanji snatched up the oven mitts and bent over, sending Zoro stumbling back several steps before he opened the oven to pull out his mini quiches.

After setting the pan down gently on the stove top, Sanji finally turned to face his husband and said, “you don’t complain when I send you off with lunch every day, do you?” smirking haughtily. “Nya nya nya nya…” the green haired man mocked, adding “you’re so damned annoying, you shitty cook” as he sauntered forward again slinging an arm low around Sanji’s hips and pulling him away from the stove.

When he was sure that Sanji was clear of any dangerous items nearby, Zoro dropped his arm lower to scoop him up by his ass. Sanji, a bit surprised, wrapped his long legs around Zoro’s waist while quickly scrambling to grab a hold of his neck to steady himself. “What are you doing, you fucking shitty marimo?” Sanji exclaimed, cheeks flushing. “Put me down!”

“Nuh-uh,” the buff man replied, holding Sanji in place with one arm. He pulled the wiry mans tie with his free hand, bringing him in close and captured those thin pouty lips with his own. He sucked on each one, nipping at them gently on release. He flicked his tongue into Sanji’s mouth and when Sanji leaned forward to deepen the kiss, he withdrew, teasing him. “Can dinner… wait?… I want… dessert … first…” Zoro whispered into Sanji’s mouth between kisses. “Mmm…” Sanji hummed, losing himself in the melty hot smooches of his beloved.

Zoro slid one arm up Sanji’s back to brace him as he began to walk. He took two steps back and bumped into the opposing counter of the galley style kitchen. Attempting to correct himself he turned and took a few more steps, this time bumping Sanji’s rear into the kitchen island. The chef let out a soft moan as the force of impact caused his crotch to grind against Zoro’s solid abs. “Please, Zoro. If you’re going to navigate, at least look at where you’re going.” Zoro’s response was to press Sanji’s back against the lip of the counter and “adjust his hold” on him, shifting him up and down his waist a few times, leaning back to observe his face screwed in tormentous pleasure. “Ah yeah. I can see much better now!” Zoro said, mirth in his voice as he pulled Sanji up close again and finally exited the kitchen.

He carried his husband, who was practically writing against him while trying to devour his face, in the direction he thought was toward their bedroom. They ended up, though, clattering against the glass doors of the balcony attached to the living room. ‘Fuck it,’ he thought. It would take much too long to get to their room like this and he wanted to eat his cupcake now.

Zoro pressed Sanji’s back against the glass and then, planting his feet shoulder width apart, he removed the arm supporting his back and placed it up near his head, never breaking their kiss. Then carefully he lowered Sanji until their groins met, with Sanji’s legs still wrapped around him. Pressing into the small of his back, Zoro began grinding into Sanji, quietly grunting and huffing along with Sanji as they made out like it was their last night together.

Sanji tucked his arms between their chests and fumbled around searching for buttons to undo on Zoro’s shirt before realizing it was a pull-over, then swiftly switched to tugging on the bottom of his shirt, untucking it, and gliding his hands beneath it. He crept his hands upward, taking note of every millimeter of skin they covered. The thin layer of hair on the midline of his abdomen, the striations of his bulging muscles, the scar left over from his days of competitive sword fighting. He recalled the first time he’d ever seen the scar. He’d wanted to touch it then, ask him if it still hurt. But they weren’t exactly close at the time. He continued his blind exploration until he found his nipples. Pierced and hard, they stood at attention, ready to be played with.

Sanji hooked a finger into one of the oversized rings dangling from Zoro’s chest and pulled gently, eliciting a groan and a particularly hard grind from his lover. Sanji’s breath hitched in his throat as a flood of endorphins hit and a moan escaped his own lips. He could feel the entrance of his ass throbbing.

Zoro was at his limit. Sanji’s moan sent him into over drive and he shifted to take thing to the next level. “Sanji, put your arms around my neck and hang on tight.” Sanji shivered. Zoro almost never called him by his name. It was almost tradition. He did as he was told, draping his arms behind Zoro’s neck and grabbing hold of his own wrist. Zoro stood up straight and still leaning against the door for a moment, undid the fly of Sanji’s slacks. Then he slid his arms underneath his hips and hooked his fingers into the waistbands of his garments and pulled. They came down a bit but stopped at his thighs, which were still spread apart around Zoro’s waist. He leaned one of his legs against the glass in preparation to catch Sanji should he slip in this next maneuver. He then tapped Sanji’s leg, signaling him to untangle himself. Zoro caught each leg as they dropped from his waist, then changed his hand position so he could press them back and upward toward Sanji’s chest, sliding the pants and briefs down to Sanji’s knees in one fell swoop.

Sanji blushed at being manhandled so easily. His current position had him sandwiched between the wall and Zoro’s body, with his legs pressed up against his chest, exposing his bottom to the cool breeze flowing in from the adjacent balcony door that had been left cracked open. “Hey… moss-head… p-put me down… My pants can’t come off like this anyway…” As he was finishing his sentence Zoro dropped one of Sanji’s hips onto his propped up leg and the hand of the opposing side to grab both legs of the pants and pull them off. Zoro looked up into Sanji’s eyes and smiled chuckling triumphantly as he tugged off the briefs as well.

Having freed both legs, Zoro kipped Sanji back up, this time tucking an arm under each leg so the Sanji’s bare ass hung right in front of his bulge. He thrust his hips forward slowly a few times, rubbing himself against Sanji, enjoying the friction but really trying to gauge the effectiveness of this position. Sanji wiggled in his arms as he futilely attempted to thrust back. ‘Perfect,’ thought Zoro as he realized Sanji was effectively helpless. Tonight he wanted to do all the work.

He tucked one leg back around his waist and then undid his pants and unsheathed his erection, resting the elastic waistband of his boxer-briefs under his balls. Then using that same hand he stuck two fingers into Sanji’s mouth. He circled his hips slowly as he did so, allowing their lengths to brush against each other as he finger fucked Sanji’s mouth.

Sanji used the leverage of his leg placed back around Zoro’s waist to try and pull Zoro’s hips closer. The light contact was driving him mad and he simply wanted to be fucked hard and fast at this point. Zoro smirked and leaned forward to whisper, “It’s coming so be patient.” He inserted his fingers farther back into Sanji’s throat until he was practically gagging, causing a flood of saliva to flood his mouth. Zoro chuckled again and then pulled his fingers out, rivulets of saliva dripping from them and Sanji’s lips. Zoro took his soaked fingers and rubbed them across Sanji’s entrance, then dipped a finger inside, sliding in easily.

“Oh? Were you that excited?” Zoro teased as he plunged his middle finger all the way inside and wiggled it about. As he prepared to slide in another, Sanji answered, “I might have been playing…ahhnnnn~! For a bit… before you… got home.” This confession renewing his excitement, Zoro slide the second finger home to the hilt and curled his fingers forward to find his husband’s sensitive spot. Sanji cried out in ecstasy and again tried pulling Zoro’s hips closer to his, causing their privates to meet with more friction. He moaned in pleasure and groaned in frustration as he rode Zoro’s fingers, trying to obtain more contact.

Zoro, seeing the face of his lover already lost in bliss and feeling that he’d loosened up enough, removed his fingers and grasped his penis, placing it at Sanji’s entrance. He moved slowly, breeching his tight entrance, concentrating on not cumming immediately from the immense pleasure he was already experiencing. He brought his used fingers up to his own mouth and licked them seductively before placing his hand on the glass behind them and thrusting the rest of the way in to his partners ass.

Sanji gasped, almost inaudibly, as his entrance was breeched and stretched to allow for his husbands girthy member to reside. He tossed his head back as his eyes rolled behind closed eyelids. Zoro began pumping into Sanji faster and faster. He growled low and deep as he felt Sanji’s walls closing in on him, getting tighter as his climax built.

Zoro shifted again to hook Sanji’s leg once more onto his arm so that both legs were up and Sanji was once more hanging between them. The adjustment caused Sanji’s entire position to shift so that he dropped down a bit more onto Zoro’s stiff cock, causing him to keen from the further stimulation.  Zoro grinned and leaned in to steal a kiss as Sanji bobbed up and down on his member.

Sanji’s face tilted up and sank into pillowy soft lips. The velvet heat of Zoro’s tongue invading his mouth sent tingles down through his solar plexus and into his groin. All of the feelings accumulating were driving him home all too quickly but his husband was on a rampage, ramming himself in at a punishing speed. He moaned without restraint calling out Zoro’s name desperately.

Zoro felt his testes draw up toward his body as  he drew closer to orgasm. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes tightly as he tried to hold out until Sanji came first. He wanted this time to be special, and didn’t want to ruin it by climaxing too early. Suddenly he felt intense pulsing around his dick and opened his eyes again as Sanji cried out, releasing sticky white ropes of cum all over both of them without his cock having ever been touched. The erotic sight of his husband covered in his own semen, making such a lewd face was too much and Zoro, too, reached his limit. He thrust in several more times hard and fast and then his rhythm broke as he released his own load into Sanji, causing his legs to give out. He bent at the knees to slowly bring them both to the ground.

Sanji and Zoro looked at each other and laughed, breathing hard and ragged. The contractions caused by the laughter pushed Zoro’s flaccid member out of Sanji, along with a puddle of cum onto the floor, silencing Sanji, as his eyes grew wide with horror in realization of what just happened. Zoro just laughed harder. “Oi, this isn’t funny, you shitty moss-head! Why’d you c-cum in-in-inside anyway?” He stuttered looking away, face aflame. “Maybe I wanna get you pregnant, fucking curly-brows!” he responded immediately through laughs.

Sanji buried his face in his hands then as the red flush reached the tips of his ears. “Zooorooo…” he growled. “Stop fucking around you rotten bar maid. What if I really got pregnant? What if-” Zoro grabbed Sanji’s hands and pulled them away from his face, and leaned in to kiss him, cutting him off. “What universe do you think we’re in, shitty cook?” Zoro smiled against Sanji’s lips before kissing him again. “Now, I want to lick the icing off of my cupcake.”


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