Non-BLG Fan Art Gallery

Doflamingo x Law at the request of Kay Kat

Luffy x Usopp at the request of Ronald.

Link and Spark decided to have a sleepover… but Spark is about to take that WiiWoo and smash it to pieces if he can’t actually get to sleep!!

Concept sketch for Law fanart. I have a slight obsession…

Initial Sketch for Law Goes to the Nude Beach! Before I totally trashed it by coloring it…

A quick pic I did in appreciation of my friends lovely OCs. These are NOT my characters, and thus, they are in the fan art section. ^^

Art trade I did with a friend. These are her OCs, not mine, and therefore this is in the fan art section ^^

A quick colored sketch of Law I did on my phone~

Jean and Levi because why not?

Sanji and Zoro as I imagine them in His Pace, My Pace. Haven’t read it? Why not? Gooo do! Go go!

Concept Art for the potential cover of a potential DJ????

Law and Luffy in a scene from my most beloved fanfic, Raw! If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s got all the things. Hnng~

A piece I did for a friends birthday- Seriously one of my faves. Her OC, not mine and thus, in the fanart section. ^^

A request for Projeck K’s Shiro and Kuroh

Law Goes to the Nude Beach! I’m sorry I suck at backgrounds… and that I was experimenting with skin on Law… I’ll make it up to you and Law next time…

Inspired by a scene from His Pace, My Pace. Seriously, read it lol. I was practicing cel-shading here. I’m getting better I guess. but it’s still far from good…

Collectively, I have no Idea what what going on here:

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