Bad Luck Gang Gallery

MY. FIRST. GIF. EVER! LOLOLOL I had no idea what I was doing. I just wanted to see if I could make something move. figures I would do something like this… Someday I’ll do it over, but… better… *sigh*

Kira’s Halloween portrait. He decided a fallen angel was suitable for him. He wasn’t wrong…

A quick color test on a picture I”m working on as part of a project. Seriously though… Bahn is too precious for this world.

Nizam as Aphrodite for Halloween 2016. He’s such a diva when he’s preening… honestly lol

He… may have gotten a little too upset…
A sketch I’m working on that I hope turns out as good as I see it in my head…

One of the many times Yuuri decided to record them… This was my first real attempt at cel-shading. It sucks. Wow. Also, This was when I was just getting into drawing hardcore yaoi in general. ^^

Yuuri’s softer side. I was trying something… different? lol

Yuuri: “Okay Bahn, do a sexy pose… no no… sexy… Sexy!! . . . *siiiiiiiiigh* lol he’s so awkward

Ahh youth…

And in their late teens/early twenties, Yuuri was still just a BIT taller~

Yuuri takes playing doctor a bit too far sometimes…

Original Cover of Chapter 1 for My Bad Luck.

Original Cover for Chapter 2 of My Bad Luck.

Yuuri was a vampire for Halloween. He only agreed because I told him he could still be a handsome vampire. #vain

Initial sketch of Bahn’s werewolf costume for Halloween 2016

Original sketch of Kira’s Fallen Angel costume for Halloween of 2016

Original Sketch of Nizam’s Aphrodite costume for Halloween of 2016

Original sketch of Yuuri’s vampire costume of Halloween 2016

Younger Nizam and Yuuri. An act of necessity and desire and both were powerless to resist.

Besties fo life~!! But seriously Yuuri, back up…

Bahn’s all dressed up for Halloween. He’s a werewolf damn it! Please don’t call him a puppy!! He’s not a puppy!! Or so he says…

The boys get into some deep sea trouble and it’s Bahn to the rescue~!!

Kira~!! You naughty boy! Gettin’ spits in the club on his birthday because he’s fancy like that. That dress tho~

OOOoooo Bahn!! Who is that you’re kissing in the movie theater~!??

There are MORE MEMBERS???

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